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Persephone’s Kiss Submission

Persephone’s Kiss Submission

A page from a project I’m preparing for the Persephone’s Kiss anthology, which is being edited by Shirl Sazynski: This is for …

Work Stuff

Some quickie pieces for a tutorial I’m working on for the day job. Going for a hard-boiled 1940’s feel. I think I’ll …

What’s Cooking?

What’s Cooking?

The What’s Cooking? graphic novel is now available. I had a really good time working on the one-pager I submitted.  I hope …

Fraggle Rock Signing @ Wondercon!

I’ll be attending a signing for the Fraggle Rock Vol. 1 hardcover at the Archaia booth on Saturday, April 2, alongside fellow …

Sketch a Day: 27

A page from the Sam Kieth project I’m working on. It’s about half done. Whoo, my process, you can see it!

Digital Painting Tutorials

I’m gathering up links to solid digital painting tutorials, with a focus on digital watercolor painting. Feel free to post your own …