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Arachne Painting

New painting I’m working on, it’s kind of still in the ugly baby phase, but it’s getting there. :)

Introducing Friends

Click on the thumbnail for the full comic: Hammies in a bento box! Artists live on compliments so leave me some. :D

Last Unicorn Project 2

Pretty much done with pencils, just need to lay in the background. I’m backing it up in three different locations.

Last Unicorn Project

My first attempt was completely destroyed by a hard drive crash. So let’s try this again! I have four days to finish …

Cookbook Project

Cookbook Project

Here’s a sample panel from my one-page submission to TGT Media’s Cookbook Project: What started out as a simple idea of doing …

Sketch a Day: 24

A panel from the page I’ve been working on tonight — I’m really happy with how this one came out. :)

Sketch a Day: 23

I’m working on stuff, I swear!  See, proof: Bottom half of the page I was working on last night.  I really like …

Sketch a Day: 22

I’ve started pencils for a piece inspired by The Last Unicorn. Here’s one half of it: